Background information SBC.
The project started in 2005 and lasted to 2007, due to less progress and anticipation by an outside consultant.
In January 2008, the 2nd phase of  the project from the Suriname Business Coalition against HIV & AIDS continued.


Member companies are :

  • Suriname Airways NVC
  • Kersten&Co NV
  • Fernandes Group NV
  • NV EBS
  • Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV;
  • Parbo Brouwerij NV
  • Suriname Alcoholic Beverages NV (SAB)
  • Suralco LLC
  • Telesur NV
  • S.W.M. NV
  • (NV BHP Billiton also participated from  2005 to 2008).


Follow- up of the Project .
Companies signed  a Letter of Commitment  between the  SBC/VSB and the Dutch Embassy who took the initiative . The 1st thing with which we started was, that all companies wrote a workplace policy which was signed by their CEO’s after authorization.