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The organisation is committed to its responsibility as an employer to provide a safe system of work and a healthy work environment. The organisation recognizes that life threatening illnesses such as HIV and AIDS can have social, economic and human rights implications for the workplace. As an employer we embrace our responsibility to provide an enabling and productive environment to all employees to lead a normal life within the workplace, which includes continuing to be employed by the organization.

The organization is committed to the implementation of a pro-active and comprehensive HIV and AIDS workplace programme. This includes:

  • the clear articulation of the organisation’s policy in relation to the issue of HIV and AIDS in the workplace;
  • the provision and maintenance of an open, informed and safe work environment through employee education and training; and
  • the provision of an environment that has zero tolerance for stigma and discrimination against persons known or perceived to be living with HIV or AIDS.

The organization further commits itself to balance business needs with empathy to enable persons living with HIV and AIDS to work productively by providing reasonable accommodation to employees thus allowing them to work for as long as they are medically fit in available, appropriate work.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the following:

  1. Protection of the human rights and dignity in the workplace of persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
  2. Elimination of stigma and discrimination against persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
  3. Intensification of workplace HIV and AIDS prevention strategies through information, education and training;
  4. Protection of the right of persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS to engage in productive employment; and
  5. Care and support for workers living with HIV or AIDS and their families.